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Blanche & Henri

Blanche & Henri is an online boutique store that was founded and is currently owned by Sylvie Guertin. This boutique officially launched on October 10th, 2018 in Quebec, Canada.


Blanche & Henri specializes in creating baby bedding, for instance, duvet covers and sheets. The designs are created by Sylvie’s team of talented graphic designers, and are then sent to Design Your Fabric for printing. Once the printed fabrics arrive at the boutique, it is sent to expert sewers to finalize the finishing of the product.


For these bedding projects, the fabric that was used is DYF’s cotton sateen. Cotton sateen is known to be one of the most pure white fabrics in the DYF collection. The whiteness makes any kind of pastels or vibrant colors and patterns pop. The overall sheen of the fabric adds a unique and elegant touch to the final product. In addition to this, cotton sateen has a smooth surface, which is ideal for any attire, bedding or accessories projects.


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